Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrants must be installed in buildings where the floor area (floor area includes the total sum of all the floor areas, including basements, plant rooms and mezzanine floors) of the building exceeds 500 sq. metres. Fire hydrants are not first attack appliances to be used by the occupiers of the building, but are specifically located under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for use by trained officers of the local fire brigade. Fire hydrants are nominated as an essential safety measure under all jurisdictions throughout Australia by a building surveyor/building certifier in the relevant essential safety measures schedule/ determination document.

Clause E1.3 Fire hydrants sets out the building requirements for fire hydrants and fire hydrant location for building approvals.

A fire hydrant system must be provided to the degree necessary to facilitate the needs of the fire brigade appropriate to:

(a) fire-fighting operations; and
(b) the floor area of the building; and
(c) the fire hazard.

FSP can provide Fire Hydrant design to Australian Standards. We analysis each project on its merits, and provide an economical design using the latest technology and best practices available:

  • AS 2419.1:2005 – Fire hydrant systems – System design, installation and commissioning