Fire Extinguisher Installation

Portable fire extinguishers are nominated in the Building Code of Australia to be provided in Class 2 to 9 buildings. These fire extinguishers are provided to allow the occupants of a building to attack a fire in its initial stages. All fire extinguishers will be nominated as an essential safety measure by the building surveyor/ building certifier.

Fire extinguisher is one of the many effective fire deterrents available. They shall be designed to be compliant to AS2444. Different kinds of extinguishers are used for different scenarios. A CO2 extinguisher is more suitable with electrical fire, whereas a dry chemical extinguisher is for other cases such as fire caused by combustible metals or flammable gases. We also supply and install different sizes of fire blankets.

Building Code of Australia mandates coverage of fire extinguisher with respect to A, B, E and F rated Fire. Extinguishers like ABE powder cover A, B and E rating whereas to make allowance for F rated fire we need extinguishers like wet chemical extinguisher.

Class F fire relates to fire that can occur during heating of cooking oil. Hence the standard requires the installation of wet chemical extinguisher at the right location if there is any activity relating to heating of cooking oil.

The Building Code of Australia nominates AS 2444:2001- Portable fire extinguishers and Fire blankets – selection and location, for the selection, location and distribution of fire extinguishers under a building approval.

Portable fire extinguishers must be provided as listed in Table E1.6 and must be selected, located and distributed in accordance with Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 of AS 2444.